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The Slices™ project

It is our curiosity and admiration for the soul of things that gave us inspiration for the development of the SLICES project.
We dissected objects and subjects to find their essential structure, reinterpreting it with the fantasy and creativity that has always characterized us.

This is what originated the SLICES 3Dkit. Three-dimensional modular kits, composed of etched and decorated sheets of PVC.If you are like us, and love seeing things take shape in your own hands, you will enjoy the DIY assembling. But without any fuss, as the construction is simple and requires no additional components.

The SLICES packaging has been studied to be light and compact. The kits are provided in square cardboard boxes of 50x50cm with a thickness of only a few centimetres, depending on the subject. Easy to transport and just as easy to recycle: both the cardboard and the PVC are 100% recyclable.