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Shipping cost and method:

  • Delivery by courier at the cost of € 9.00 The contribution is calculated based on the number of items and destination

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Shipping and delivery

Shipping times
Shipping times are indicated in the product description. For Italy shipping times vary between 2 and 10 days according to the destination; for further information see the page on Delivery times. For Europe, times vary between 4 and 15 days from withdrawal from the warehouse.

Deliveries are made exclusively at ground floor. The carriers do not deliver packages to upper floors.

All products have a warranty valid for 24 months on manufacturing defects.
From the moment of delivery on, customers have to follow all steps of our Procedure details and delivery notes. We recommend that you read this page carefully before the delivery, to be aware of the various steps to follow in order to receive the best possible assistance.

Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs are calculated according to destination and total volume of the products in the quote.

Details of procedure and delivery notes

1 – Delivery of products

1.1: Verify the number of packages: if the number of delivered packages does not correspond to that written on the shipping invoice, we ask you to write the missing package on the invoice.

1.2: Verify the exterior condition of the packages: if the packages are intact, please sign the shipping invoice without writing comments; if the packages are NOT intact but they present dents, damages, torn or wet parts, then please sign the invoice writing " Received damaged / wet packages - content unchecked" (it is fundamental to indicate the specific reason on the shipping invoice; generic reasons will not be accepted). 1.3: Always accept the packages, even if the exterior condition and/or the product itself present anomalies; not accepting the items and sending them back without authorization may result in a consequent billing.

2 - Opening the packages

2.1: In the event of damaged packages we ask you to take a picture of the exterior condition BEFORE proceeding with the opening.

2.2: We suggest you open the packages with particular care, especially if using utility knives or any kind of blades (sharp objects used while opening the packages often cause damage, which being easily recognizable is not covered by the warranty).

2.3: At the moment of the opening of the packages, verify that the products are intact: in the case of anomalies we ask you to take detailed photos of the concerned part BEFORE completely removing the packages and proceeding with the assembling process.

2.4: All original packages must be kept in order to allow any possible replacement of the parts under warranty (if you have space at your disposal we suggest you keep the original packages for the whole warranty period).

3 - Assembling

3.1: The supply includes assembling instructions: we recommend caution when handling and assembling single components. Customer Care Service is at your disposal for assembling assistance.

3.2: When the assembling has been completed it will be possible to proceed with the removal of the packages (the suggestion in point 2 remains valid).

4 - Assistance

4.1: In case of any anomalies that you consider to be a production fault or transport damage, please promptly report it to our Customer Care service. Reports concerning the exterior conditions of packages must be sent on the same day the products are delivered or on the following morning at the latest; all reports concerning product anomalies after the opening of the packages must be sent within 48 hours of the moment of delivery.

4.2: These terms have been determined with the customer's interest in mind and in order to give the best possible assistance in the event of a product anomaly, especially when it is difficult to verify whether an issue is to be attributed to the manufacturer, ELLETI S.a.s., to the carrier or to the customer during the movement and assembling process of the parts. The terms concerning "hidden faults" are valid in conformity with the Consumers Code, according to which customers, during the warranty period, have 2 months time in which to inform the retailer of the discovery of a hidden fault (in all these cases the customer will have to send photographic documentation to demonstrate that the defect was not due to "inappropriate use").

4.3: The report must be made by sending an email with the order number, the description of what was found and the photographic documentation acquired during all installation steps.