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Sale conditions

1 - Buying on Slicestore

Products purchased on SLICES are sold directly by ELLETI S.a.s. of G. Lazzaro & Company, which was regularly registered in the R.E.A of Udine on 22/10/1985, on the Register of Companies of Udine with tax code, VAT number and inscription number 01407360302. The headquarters of ELLETI S.a.s. is Via dell’artigiano 16/2 , 33047 Remanzacco (Udine).

All prices in the quote are shown in Euros, taxes included; the total amount is clearly visible on the quote and on the final summary the customer must confirm before concluding the order.

The aim of this page is not to represent all company procedures: for this information we suggest you read the other pages, such as: Payments, Shipping and delivery, Right of withdrawal and Notes for delivery.


2 - Buying Process

2.1: In order to successfully complete a buying contract on www.slicestore.it it is necessary to fill in an electronic order form on Slicestore.

2.2: The contract will be completed when Slicestore receives the order through its web system and the relative payment.

2.3: In the unlikely event that, after receiving an order, a product turns out to be unavailable, Slicestore will proceed with the payment refund.

2.4: By filling in the electronic order form, customers submit to all general selling terms and conditions present on this page.

2.5: The contract of sale on-line between the customer and the supplier is concluded in Italy and ruled by Italian law.

2.6: If customers do not agree with the terms in the general terms and conditions, they should not submit the order and should contact the staff of Slicestore for any clarification.


3 - Shipping and delivery

Delivery will be initiated only after receipt of payment of the order and will be carried out by couriers. Slicestore is legally responsible for the products until their delivery. There is more detailed information on the page Shipping and delivery.


4 - Shipping costs

The Shipping and delivery page calculates a shipping costs estimate; for orders with total products above 600 euros in Italy the Standard Delivery is free of charge; Standard Delivery means the delivery that does not belong to the category Special Locations (examples are clearly indicated on the page Shipping and delivery).

Slicestore checks the address of shipping entered and notifies the customer of any supplements for Special Location: in this case the customer has the right not to confirm the Order.


5 - Delivery time

The delivery time varies from 5 to 10 working days from receipt of payment.

Slicestore works constantly to respect delivery punctuality, making an effort to anticipate deliveries; we suggest you refer to the page Shipping and delivery for information on average delivery times. Please note that in the period just before Christmas and the August holiday deliveries may inevitably be delayed (even a slight unforeseen delay before a period of closure for Christmas or in August may postpone delivery to reopening in January or September).


6 - Products not available

Slicestore constantly works to keep the online catalogue up-to-date. Because of the great number of products and collections we offer, it may rarely happen that a particular option is no longer available. In this case Slicestore will promptly notify the customer, who can then decide whether to make changes to the order or request a refund of the amount paid. In the case of orders made up of multiple products, the refund will concern only the item not available.


7 - Limits of use

The staff of Slicestore constantly work to keep all information on the website updated. At the same time, due to the huge load of developed contents, it's possible there may be inaccuracies. It's our daily responsibility to keep the website as accurate as possible but it is also the customer's responsibility to verify the truthfulness of all those details considered fundamental for full satisfaction and necessary to proceed with the purchase: for example for those products to be matched with others already owned (the customer has to verify the matching of the items and the colour combinations), or for products with measurements only slightly inferior to the available space or in the unlikely case of product specifications containing conflicting information on the same product; in the case of product descriptions showing photos of finishes and colour samples, the customer must observe the sample with care.

Slicestore reserves the right to modify some product names, entirely or partially: these variations cannot be a valid reason for the termination of the contract, as the "product name" cannot be considered as a fundamental element for the value of the product offered to the customer.


8 - Right of withdrawal

Customers have the right to withdraw from a distance contract, without penalties or giving reason, within a 10 day period starting from the delivery day.

Customers cannot exercise their right of withdrawal on contracts regarding custom-made products or products that are not prefabricated, manufactured according to a specific customer's choice. For further information see the Right of withdrawal page.


9 - Possible Faults and Replacements

This point shows the different kinds of assistance given to customers in the days immediately following delivery: these procedures do not in any way limit warranty rights which are acknowledged by the Consumers Code (see point 10), but they are to be intended as a common basis offering customers the best possible assistance.

In the interest of the customer and in the event of issues concerning the supplied items, Customer Care is at your disposal to verify the overall process throughout the different stages, from manufacturing up to the proper usage of the products; those responsible for the various stages of the process are the manufacturer of the products, ELLETI S.a.s. who is also the seller, the carrier appointed by ELLETI S.a.s. for the transport and the Customer or the person in charge of receiving the product, moving the packages inside the house as well as proceeding with the assembling. During the unloading, assembling and the period immediately after the conclusion of the assembling process, the customer is required to follow in all its phases the Detailed procedure and Notes for delivery; in this way they will receive the best assistance from our Customer Care and will be completely covered both in the case of manufacturing defects and transport damages (which are not frequent but not to be completely excluded).

In the event a customer does not follow all the steps stated in the procedure it may not be possible to properly assign the responsibility regarding the specific issue. In some cases the customer may be asked to contribute to the possible replacement costs of defective or damaged parts; in these cases Slicestore nonetheless works with the satisfaction of its customers in mind, reserving the right to consider each case singularly.

Basically, this procedure serves to confirm to our Customer Care that specific issues have not been caused by the customer himself (or a delegated person): each procedure here stated serves to effectively protect our customers.

The replacement of damaged or faulty parts requires times that are similar to the times needed for production, since most of the products are custom-made. The replacement process starts once we receive the photographic documentation that must be sent to us immediately after the delivery. Slicestore works as quickly as possible in order to reduce waiting times. In the event of the replacement of a product, customers have the responsibility to adequately pack the elements to be returned in their original packing materials to avoid damage.


10 - Warranty

The date of the sales invoice, if prompted, or the date of the delivery document marks the commencement of the 24 month period for the warranty on the lack of conformity; for purchases made by holders of VAT and by Companies the warranty is 12 months.


11 - Privacy Policy

In accordance with Italian law, pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/03, the organisation in charge for the processing of personal data on this website is ELLETI S.a.s. via dell’artigiano 16/2  33047 Remanzacco (UD). This Directive is not valid for other websites that can be consulted through our links, for which ELLETI S.a.s. is not responsible. The processing of personal data connected with this website is treated by ELLETI S.a.s. and by ELLETI S.a.s. employees. No data collected will be communicated or released to third parties. All personal data registered on this website will be exclusively used only to perform the service or provision requested and will not be disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is required by law or strictly necessary to fulfil requests. For further information see the page Privacy policy.

Means of payment

PayPal is the easiest and most widespread system for online payments, and you can use all common credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Slicestore does not have access to any of your data, which are automatically managed by the PayPal Verisign safe servers.

Paying with PayPal is easy, safe and quick: see how to use PayPal.

Payment limits
PayPal has a payment limit of € 1.500,00. For higher amounts it is necessary to use bank transfer as the method of payment.


Right of withdrawal

Customers have the right to withdraw from a distance contract, without penalties and without giving reason, within a 10 working day period starting from the delivery day. The right of withdrawal has to be stated by sending a written communication to shop@slicestore.it within the said period.

Customers cannot exercise their right of withdrawal on orders regarding products which are not prefabricated products but that are manufactured according to a specific customer's choice (the law specifies that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on "custom-made or clearly customized products").

The right of withdrawal cannot be exerted on products that are not customized in the following cases: products purchased with a VAT number for professional aims, products included in a contract negotiated at ELLETI S.a.s. headquarters and then finalized by passing an online order.

By exercising the right of withdrawal, shipping costs will be charged to the buyer as per shipping fares.

Customers have to return the product at their own expense to ELLETI S.a.s. within 10 working days starting from the delivery day. Moreover, the product must not be damaged or used and must be given back in its own original package.

The refund will be transferred by bank transfer as soon as ELLETI S.a.s. has received bank coordinates, and at any case after having received all returned products and after having verified their perfect status.

In the event customers do not respect right of withdrawal directives and terms, ELLETI S.a.s. will not be able to refund any kind of sum: we can only send back the product at the customer's own expenses.